ADHD And Aspergers: 5 Things You Should Know

Aspergers and ADHD are both disorders that have their differences but also some similarities. ADHD affects how people interact with others, while problems with social interactions characterize Aspergers. It is a neurodevelopmental disorder.
Here we will discuss five things you should know about Aspergers and ADHD:

1) Aspergers is not something you can cure, but people who suffer from it can live a happy and fulfilling life with the proper support. It’s important to note that the treatments are more successful when they have support from loved ones in their lives.

2) There are many advantages to having ADHD. Although it may be considered a disorder, the National Institute of Mental Health proclaims that individuals diagnosed with ADHD often have something extraordinary about their personalities that distinguishes them from those without the diagnosis.

3) Asperger’s individuals excel when it comes to complex problem-solving skills. They are often more intelligent in the fields of math and science.

4) Aspies (people who suffer from Asperger’s) are neurologically wired differently than neurotypicals. Aspie children have a heightened sense of detail, meaning that they can take on tasks like data entry or proofreading with ease.

5) People with ADHD are more often hyperactive, and Aspies are usually the opposite of this.

It is very important always to seek professional help to be guided if one of our loved ones, or ourselves, has one of these conditions. Love and support will always go a long way and help us achieve anything.