Challenging Myths About Head Injury Research

When head injury research is done, many myths can get in the way of making progress.

What should I know about this?

Head injuries can be hazardous and often lead to long-term damage. However, several misconceptions can get in the way of making progress.

Here are some head injury research myths and the truth about them.

1) Myth: Head injury researchers must be doctors or medical professionals to conduct head injury research.
Truth: There are several different head injury researchers, including engineers, psychologists, physiologists, chemists, and more!
2) Myth: Head injuries happen at high speeds, so it’s not safe for head injury researchers to do their job.
Truth: It is possible for head injures to happen at low speeds if an object hits you hard enough in the right spot on your head.
This research is essential to help improve the lives of those who have experienced a head injury. By debunking some of these myths, we can help make head injury research more straightforward and accessible for everyone!
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