The Chlamydia test can save you many worries

There’s no doubt that Chlamydia is an ugly STD, taking the young and old along its path. Unfortunately, the number of people that have contracted Chlamydia has hit the rooftop.

The unfortunate thing about Chlamydia is that it is asymptomatic and can spread rapidly during intercourse. Therefore, you need to order a Chlamydia test today if you have had unprotected sex.

 Antibiotics can easily treat Chlamydia, but they can have major long-term implications, such as infertility, if left untreated.

Suppose you have recently engaged in unprotected sexual activity and are concerned that you may have contracted Chlamydia. You should wait 14 days before taking the test because the infection can take up to two weeks to show.

 Your first step to staying healthy after unprotected sex is to get a test for STD/STI. For example, go for a Chlamydia test at home or at a lab facility.