Bendectin And Birth Defects: A Public Health Controversy

Bendectin is a prescription medication that was first marketed in the late 1950s by Merrell Dow for morning sickness. Bendectin became one of the most popular drugs to treat nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, with an estimated 10 million women taking it over its lifetime.

In 1983, after reports of a possible association between Bendectin use and congenital disabilities began surfacing, Bendectin was voluntarily withdrawn from the market by its manufacturer under pressure from federal regulators. Bendectin has never been shown to be associated with birth defects in any study or report since then.

Despite Bendectin’s withdrawal from the market, there are still many public health concerns about this medication.

Can you still find Bendectin in the market?

Bendectin is no longer available in the market. The controversy surrounding Bendectin and birth defects made the product disappear from shelves and pharmacies.

Remember to always ask your doctor about any medication you are taking, or need to take, during pregnancy. Doctors will always know what is good for you at any given time.