Balayage For Dark Hair: 3 Tips To Make The Perfect Style

The balayage hair trend has been sweeping the globe for a while now. The balayage technique is perfect for dark hair, but there are some tips to make sure you’re doing it right. Take a look at these 3 key points for balayage on dark hair and how they will help you get that perfect style.

1) Prep your roots with an ash tone before applying color, so the contrast isn’t too harsh. This will help blend the balayage look seamlessly.

2) Use a lightener to gradually lighten up your ends, so you don’t have any awkward “blobs”.

3) Ask your stylist to leave some of your natural root colors in place around the face-framing area because this helps to blend the balayage seamlessly.

The balayage technique is sweeping the world, especially on dark hair! Make sure you’re doing it right by following these tips for balayage on dark hair!