Best Newborn Gifts Ideas

Here are some Best Newborn Gifts Ideas

  • This is such a great gift and really should be top of any expecting parent’s list. It will help keep the baby safe and warm in those early months without having to overheat them with blankets and clothing – perfect! Plus, it comes in a variety of styles and colors.
  • A soft and plush blanket with buttons that can be snapped together to form a lining, leaving your baby feeling cocooned and very cozy. Your baby will feel safe and content in this lined swaddling wrap which can be used up until the child is six months old.
  • This soft and super cuddly play mat provides hours of entertainment for your little one and gives them a safe and contained environment to play in. It gives their little hands something to hold on to whilst they learn to sit as well as offers them protection from any hard surfaces or sharp corners.