Are You Ditching Your Heels For Womens Flat Shoes?

Did you know that the Cannes Film Festival denied celebrities entrance to the grandest event of the year in 2015 only because some women were wearing flats to the red carpet? As archaic as it may seem, the Cannes Film Festival made controversial headlines for its backward obligation.

After receiving negative criticism and backlash, the Cannes Film Festival began permitting prominent women celebrities to do ‘their thing’ as if they needed permission to do so!

Let’s take Uma Thurman as our prime example! Not only has she ditched heels for comfortable womens flat shoes several times on the Cannes Film Festival’s red carpet, but she also repeated her gowns multiple times!

With a brand new start to the year, women are accepting that heels and labels don’t affect your appearance if your comfort and prestige are challenged. There are countless options for flat shoes available today in all styles.