Creative Comfort Food: Cheeseburger Tater Tot Casserole

Cheeseburger Tater Tot Casserole is a recipe that will make your taste buds happy and satisfy your comfort food craving at the same time. Cheeseburgers are a classic American dish, while tater tots have been around for years. Putting these two together in one dish makes this meal irresistible with its flavors and textures. It can be served as an entree or side dish, but we think it’s perfect as the main course of a family dinner!

This Recipe is easy to make with just four ingredients:
Ground beef.
Frozen tater tots.
Cheddar cheese sauce mix (just add milk).
Cheez Whiz (just add milk).

This dish is a family-friendly dish that’s easy to make. Cheeseburgers are always famous because they’re juicy, loaded with ground beef, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes – the works! Cheddar cheese sauce mix adds a cheesy taste while Cheez goes down smooth on top of this creamy casserole dish. This meal tastes like you spent hours in the kitchen. Still, it only takes 30 minutes tops making it perfect for busy nights or when you want a break from cooking up something elaborate after work. It comes together fast and feeds plenty, so we recommend having leftovers for lunch tomorrow too!

What’s Cheez Whiz? Cheeze whiz is a processed cheeselike product that contains milk solids, soybean oil or other vegetable oils, whey powder (to give it the flavor of naturally aged cheese), emulsifiers such as monoglycerides and diglycerides; stabilizers such as carrageenan salt (a seaweed extract), erythorbic acid, and sodium citrate; a milk protein concentrate such as whey solids to help suspend the fat droplets, salt, high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or other sweeteners. This is one of Kraft Foods’ best-selling cheese products.

What is the history of this plate?

Blogger Andrea Monastyrsky created the Cheeseburger Tater Tot Casserole.

How can this plate be modified to make it healthier?

Option A: You could choose lean ground beef and whole wheat or rye breadcrumbs for the topping instead of panko crumbs. Option B: Cheez Whiz is high in sodium, so you can replace this with a low-sodium sauce like sour cream, which also adds flavor when mixed into casseroles. Furthermore, if you’re looking for lower-calorie substitutes, check out swiss cheese (which has about 100 fewer calories per ounce), American cheese (about 80 less per ounce), or reduced-fat cheese (about 25 less per ounce). Finally, to make it healthier but not too healthy, try adding more vegetables! In this recipe, we added peas and carrots to make it a more nutritious dish.

This is comfort food that will make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.