The Ultimate Guide To Church Bookkeeping Spreadsheet

If you are a church leader who is in charge of church bookkeeping, it can be difficult to find the time to keep your church’s financial records in order. You might not even know where to start, or what software is right for church bookkeeping. This article will help you get started with church bookkeeping spreadsheets!

Step one: Creating Your Spreadsheet

When doing church bookkeeping, it’s important to be mindful of the specific needs of your church. What kind of church are you in? How many members do you have attending each service? Do you receive a lot in donations or tithes on Sunday mornings? All these questions should influence what tools and features go into your church books spreadsheet.

Step Two: Organizing Your Spreadsheets

Once you’ve decided how much information goes where go ahead and create separate tabs for every category that will make up church bookkeeping spreadsheets for churches with different ministries or purposes. You may need one tab for financial records, another tab for membership dues paid by members, etc… Be sure to name all of them clearly so there is no confusion as the church bookkeeping spreadsheet is an ongoing process.

Step Three: Determine the Information You Need

As you organize church books spreadsheets and determine what information needs to go where, make sure that you include all necessary data points in the church bookkeeping spreadsheet-like your bank account number, etc. This way there won’t be any missing or incorrect information later on.

We hope this information was helpful.