A Few Facts About Hard Money Church Loans

Hard money church loans can be very helpful to any struggling church. Often, people cannot come up with all of the capital they need to start or continue a church service. As a result, more people are resorting to borrowings as a last resort in a time of economic distress. You should never ignore this possibility, but in the same way, you should use caution when you are considering using this form of funding for your church.

Although it is true that hard-money lenders are not as concerned about your church being successful as they are with the success of the loan, they are loaning you the money. This means that they will charge you a higher interest rate than traditional lenders, but that rate will be worth it. In many cases, lenders will loan you the money and then foreclose on it later after making all of your monthly payments. This is something that you may not want to see happen to your church.