3 Things You Need To Know About Smart Trade Tracking

Smart Trade Tracking is an innovative technology that allows companies to track trade compliance and risk management. Smart Trade Tracking can be used for a variety of purposes such as:

1) Compliance tracking – It has the ability to monitor all incoming and outgoing shipments, sending alerts when any exceptions are noted. Also, it can keep track of supplier and customer data and the country of origin/destination. This allows for a quick response to any potential compliance breaches and helps maintain an efficient trade process.

2) Risk Management – Its monitors the daily activity on your account and sends you alerts if there’s a potential problem with your transactions (e.g., increased volume, high-risk suppliers).

3) Productivity Boosts – It notifies employees about their shipment statuses instantly so they can work more efficiently.

In conclusion, it allows companies to improve compliance and risk management by monitoring transactions and sending alerts about potential problems. It can also increase productivity with instant notifications for employees.