Monkey Lifting Weights: Fact Or Fiction

A new study has shown that monkeys can be trained to lift weights. This is not true, at least from a biological standpoint. It’s called monkey lifting weights because the term “monkey see, monkey do” was shortened and misspelled as “monkey lift.” The truth is that the monkeys in this study were actually being taught how to use their arms with resistance bands and then they lifted up an object using both hands.

One example of why people think it’s possible for a monkey to lift weight is when someone sees a chimp walking around holding something heavy like he could have just found on ground (e.g., bricks). But if you look closely, you’ll notice it’s more likely he picked it up off the ground than carried it around all day.

Another reason why people think this is possible is because they think the monkey’s arms are so long, that he would be able to reach an object on a countertop and lift it up. But in reality, the arm span of a chimp or other great ape ranges from about two feet to six feet. So if you were sitting at your office desk with something like candy lying right next to you… then yes, theoretically speaking this could happen!

Conclusion: This information is not true. Monkey Lifting Weights isn’t biologically possible for monkeys as can only use their arms with resistance bands which require more movement than just lifting weights or holding objects.