What Is The Moto Transport System?

The Lock-N-Load Moto Transport system is a device for securing motocross motorbikes in a trailer that replaces the need to use straps, floor anchors or wheel chocks to keep the bike secure.

The benefit of this system is that it takes the pressure off the motorbike’s fork seals while it is being transported. In addition, because the motorbike is held in an upright position, it frees up space in the trailer enabling the user to transport more bikes or other gear. The Lock-N-Load mechanism can be easily installed or removed from a trailer by simply screwing (or unscrewing) four thumb screws by which it is attached. The plate on which the system sits also has a ‘D ring’ attached as an additional anchor point, if required. The system has two jaws which can be adjusted to attach the bike and a knob is used to lock them in place.