Insight To C Spanners

C Spanners are the adjustable tools used for the fitting or loosening of rings and fixation of chains. These specially designed tools are a set of equipments used in automotive and industrial sectors to loose or fasten the nuts and rings of an automobile or industrial machinery. These are generally made up of alloy steel and Chromium, both having long lasting durability against moisture and corrosion. The steel roll pins are incorporated in the C spanner, that allow the expansion and closure of jaws as per the size of ring or nut it is operated on. These are also termed as hook and pin wrenches and adjustable hook spanners. These tools are double ended, one open end head and other ring head. The open end head is used for final tightening of the nut or for the initiative loosening while ring head is used to undergo the main operation of fixing the nut.
In America, the most common term used for these tools is wrench, whereas in UK the term spanner is used. The size of the spanner must be checked before using it on the fasteners or it can cause harm to the tool or injury to the operator. These tools are mainly used in plumbing for fitting of water pipes, heavy machinery repair and maintenance, automobile repair and manufacture etc.