An Introduction To Trailer Tie-Down Systems

There are many trailer tie down system on the market today, but not all are created equally. For instance, some trailer tie-downs come with a ratchet built into the hitch ball. Other trailer tie downs use an integrated trailer shackle to secure your load. You must know what type of system you have before replacing it or moving forward with installation!

What should I know about this?

For tie-downs that use a ball mount system, you first need to remove your trailer hitch ball using a socket wrench. After this is complete, simply replace it with your new trailer tie-down and tighten until snug. With all integrated systems, there are multiple holes in the shackle that allow for different angles of approach when attaching to an anchor point on your trailer or truck bed floor, so be sure to choose one which best suits your needs! Lastly, if you do not already have one installed, make sure to attach some safety chain between the trailer and vehicle. While most trailers come equipped with these chains, many people go without them giving their load far too much latitude while driving down the road.

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