3 Tips For Choosing A Pool Heater

If you are looking to make your pool more enjoyable, you should consider investing in a new heater. There are many different types of heaters out there that can be installed in your collection, so choosing the right one for you might seem like an overwhelming task. This article will go over three tips for picking the perfect heater and help facilitate your decision-making process!

First, there are many different types of heaters on the market. They can be found in gas or electric form. They also come with metal or plastic casings to insulate them from outdoor conditions like rain or extreme temperatures. For this reason, you should choose a heater that is right for your climate zone, will be compatible with your pool, and won’t crack or corrode.

Second. It would be best if you also considered how powerful the heater is that you want to purchase. This can vary from 500-3000 BTUs per hour depending on the heating system it has (whether gas or electric). If you already know which type of heater you want, the BTU can help determine which one will be best for your needs.

Third and finally. Before purchasing a pool heater, make sure to research what kind will work with your home’s electrical system or that it has enough clearance to fit in your pool.

A pool heater will allow you to get the temperature you want from your pool. You can go wrong with heaters like Hayward, Smartpool, or EcoSmart Us.