3 Reasons To Use A Metal Cutting Disc

Metal cutting discs are discs with sharp teeth that can cut through metal. They have been used in metalworking for centuries, but their technology has come a long way since then. There are three significant reasons to use them:

  • They provide precision cuts
  • They last much longer than other blade types
  • They are environmentally friendly

Metalworker and toolmaker Mr. Paul Haunold first invented them in the late 19th century after he observed that metal pieces could be easily sliced through with the spinning metal wheel covered in diamond dust. He created them not to have to use saws or chisels for metal cutting, which were ineffective and slow.

There you have it! You know how metal cutting discs work, why they’re great to use in metalworking and fabrication projects, and what their benefits are. Keep these details in mind when working with metal.