3 Reasons To Invest In A Level 4 Ballistic Shield

There are few things more important than having a level 4 ballistic shield when it comes to personal safety. These shields can protect against a wide range of threats, including firearms and explosives. Here are three reasons why you should consider investing in a level 4 ballistic shield:

  1. Protection from firearms: A level 4 ballistic shield can protect you from gunfire up to .44 Magnum rounds.
  2. Protection from explosives: It can protect you from explosions up to 20 feet away.
  3. Versatility: It can be used for personal and professional applications.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your safety, a level four ballistic shield is an excellent option. With its ability to protect against both firearms and explosives, it’s versatile enough to be used in various situations. Investing in one of these shields will give you peace of mind in knowing that you’re better protected against a wide range of threats.