Some Of The Ways That Facilities Can Dispose Liquid Waste.

Liquid waste management are measures taken to ensure that the drainage or water system are not blocked through improper disposal of liquid pollutants. Some of the ways that ensure liquid waste is well disposed are;


This is an economical way whereby liquid waste is turned into compost. It’s done by first removing water from the waste then leaving the organic matter that has nutrients like potassium, sodium and. nitrogen that can later be used to make organic fertilizer.


This is whereby acids, chemicals and oils are removed from the waste, leaving water behind.


In this process, water is pumped into a strong bag, then any solid waste is left behind.


This is a process that uses gravity to pull solid and liquid waste apart.

Root zone treatment

This process is mostly used to domestically to dispose water from kitchen, bathroom and sinks.

Managing liquid waste is very important because of its ability to leak and also runoff.