3 Tips For Choosing The Right Wedding Singer

What wedding would be complete without some great wedding singer Norfolk? As you are planning your wedding, finding the right wedding singer for your event is essential. Many things go into choosing a wedding singer, such as personality, song selection, and of course, cost. Also, you can find them online. The website poptop.uk.com has a list of wedding singers in Norfolk.

But before you choose one, let’s look at some tips first:

1) Personality- you want someone who can get everyone up dancing and having a good time!

2) Song Selection- do they have songs that will match the mood of your reception? Will, they read out loud announcements during dinner?

3) Cost- how much money do you want to spend on live entertainment or will a wedding singer be better than a DJ.

Live music is always a plus and if you have money to spend, a wedding singer plus a DJ is the way to go. But, if you can choose only one, we recommend a wedding singer. Nothing beats the feel of a live concert.