Fast Online PCB Assembly Quote

Now you can get PCB assembly quote online immediately. You have three component supply options. The first is turnkey system whereas the PCB manufacturing company supplies the parts. Kitted or consigned whereas the parts are supplied by you. The combo option whereas you supply some parts while others are supplied by the manufacturer.

Fill the form that requires some information about the type of PCB you need. Submit the design file and some other files like bill of materials. A team of PCB experts will go through this detail and provide you the quote within 48 hours.

You should check carefully what types of services and parts are included in the quoted price. Some quotes do not include the cost of PCB fabrication or components. Contact the customer service desk of the PCB fabricator company for any clarification. A representative from this company may contact you if more information or clarification is needed from you. You should provide accurate and complete information, such as whether you need leaded or lead free process.