How To Read: 3 Ways To Learn

Reading is a very important skill for children to learn. But how do they learn? Parents and teachers often have different opinions on the best way, but three ways work well for all children.

The first method is called “phonics.” This method uses both letters and sounds to teach reading skills. It can be used with or without pictures to make it easier, depending on your child’s needs.

The second method is called “look-say.” This teaches kids how words are spelled by looking at them one letter at a time, then sounding out the word from their memory of what it looks like.

And finally, there’s “whole language,” which tries not to focus so much on the letter-sound rules. Instead, it emphasizes reading aloud and understanding what you’re reading without worrying about pronouncing each word.

All these methods work and get the job done. It is up to the teacher to choose the Best Way To Learn to Read for the class.