French Phonics Program

If you’re looking for a fun, exciting way to teach your kids the French language, you should consider enrolling them in a French Phonics program at school or home. The program is easy, straightforward, and most important, helps students acquire the sounds necessary to start reading and speaking French in kindergarten. The primary goal is to raise reading fluency from beginner levels to intermediate levels without sacrificing comprehension.

Designed specifically for kindergarteners through fifth-graders, French Phonics is a fun and effective way to build language skills, develop reading fluency, and enhance comprehension in a fun, practical environment.

These programs provide instruction in phonics (the scientific process of identifying sound patterns by comparing letters), sentence structure (how sentences are appropriately structured to form words and phrases), the sounds that appear in each word, how to construct and use questions statements, and verbs. These programs also introduce children to the French alphabet, proper nouns, and the various colors that French words are available