3 Reasons Voting Matters- Student Voice On Topics That Affect Us All

It is a well-known fact that voting matters. Voting can be the difference between getting what you want and not getting it or having your voice heard and not being heard at all. There are many reasons why student voting matters, but in this article, we will explore 3 of them:

Students are the future of our society.

The reason student voting matters is a pretty obvious one. As student voters, we will be able to have our voices heard on topics that affect us the most and, therefore, shape society in a way that reflects what students want it to look like.

They Help To Keep Those Elected At Their Best

This means that by having student votes elect politicians, those elected officials are more likely to try their best to make sure they do not lose favor with student voters because there is potential for losing support from other groups if they don’t keep student interests in mind. And when representatives fight for student interests, student voters are more likely to be heard and taken into consideration.

This Is A Way To Make Our Opinions Known And Heard

For too long, student voices have been silenced in politics while many world issues are being discussed without any input from students at all. When it comes to what is best for us as student-voters, the opinions of adults who do not understand or care about our perspective should not outweigh ours simply because they are older than us.

To conclude, student voting is important because our voices deserve to be heard and because student voters can bring about change.