Go On A Phuket Diving Adventure

If you love diving, then you should head out to Phuket in Thailand. It is one of the leading destinations for this activity in Southeast Asia. There are dozens of shops that cater to tourists with equipment rentals, boats, guides, and everything that you might need for this adventure.

For example, Chalong Bay is surrounded by unspoiled reefs with abundant marine life. Some dive sites are shallow which is great for beginners. Others are quite deep and should be left to the experts. Under the waters are ship wrecks, coral forests, and other striking features.

Take your best camera and waterproof enclosure so you can capture the colorful creatures that you will encounter. Be prepared to see moray eels, turtles, octopus, leopard sharks, seahorses, and large schools of fish. Go Phuket diving between October to May when the waters are calm and inviting.