Copper Still Construction For More Aromatic Wines And Spirits

There is a reason why copper still construction is preferred by wine makers around the world. Chemistry and physics are involved in the making of an aromatic spirit and it begins with a copper container. Stainless steel also works the same magic.

Somehow, liquor experts choose copper because it is more aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, history, culture, and tradition all call for it. The material causes better distillation as well as heat distribution.

The biggest secret? Something akin to alchemy happens when water and alcohol vapors are trapped in a copper receptacle. The material naturally causes some molecular changes. From a physics point of view, the vapors particularly the alcohol content rise to the middle of the column.

And they don’t escape the container or still. By trapping important liquids and keeping them at bay, the senses are infinitely blessed with a strong flavor that overwhelms the taste buds, the nasal passages, and eventually, the mind.