Why Use IMX6 Range Of Processors?

The demand for devices equipped with multimedia, intelligent, smart and touch features is increasing exponentially. Users are demanding more features in smaller devices. Powerful functions can be processed and operated only with high-end processors. The devices for in-flight entertainment, medical, auto infotainment, smart devices, personal devices, data management, and other setups now require very powerful processors. Device manufacturers look for solutions like IMX6 range of processors to make their devices smart and powerful.

These processors are part of edge computing platform and available in single, dual and quad core options based on Cortex A9, combined A9 + M4 and A7 solutions. The standard features include DDR memory interface, PC, PS, SPI, CAN, PWM, UART, secure RTC, timers, media processor engine and integrated power management. IMX6 solutions can be found under categories like low cost, cost optimized, secure and efficient, multimedia, 3D graphics, advanced 3D graphics, extreme 3D graphics, efficient multimedia, eReader, secure processing and others.