Current Bitcoin Price Makes News

Current Bitcoin Price makes news with drastic run up to a price over $34,000 per bitcoin. The Bitcoin market is one of the unique markets that many traders use to hedge their bets. Bitcoin has been a quality bet for the last few years with consistent growth. Bitcoin grew and reached $10,000 as it caught the attention of many investors. It hovered at that price before slowing growing to $20,000 over the course of 2020. Recently, those holding and watching bitcoin seen its price increase to over $34,000. The fast growth was somewhat shocking but it didn’t deter investors. Many are still just entering the Bitcoin market. Current Bitcoin Price hovers around $34,000 and is a great bet with the likelihood of long-term growth that could reach the $100,000. Bitcoin seems to average a $10,000 increase each year but 2021 is set to double or triple that potential.