What Is Cosplay About?

Cosplay refers to the act of dressing up as a character from a comic book, film or book (such as Superman, for example) and people that indulge in this activity are called cosplayers. Some cosplayers go beyond merely dressing up as a character in they also role-play being that character and copy their speech, mannerisms and gestures.

Cosplay costumes can be quite elaborate and expensive to buy since they rely on exactly mimicking the look of a particular character’s costume. Many people, however, create their own costumes at home and make their own props as well. Some people also do ‘closet cosplay’ which involves creating a character’s costumes from clothes they already have in their wardrobe. While cosplay is popular in the US, China and South Korea, the Japanese are most famous for the practice which is regarded as part of their culture and is regarded as the origin for this activity.