3 Steps To Stand Out Eyes

When it comes to spring beauty trends… the eyes have it. Here’s how you can get spring’s standout eye in under twenty bucks…

Eyelash Magnets, magnetic lashes are making the rounds as one of the hottest trends in the beauty world. They sit closer to the lash line, making them almost undetectable.

Elongated Wings

An exaggerated wing makes the eye look longer and more cat-like. Pay attention to the anatomy of your eye, however. Try a YouTube tutorial for recognizing your eye shape and working with your face shape.

Holographic Eyeshadow

When the light hits a holographic shadow it gives brand new dimensions of highlight. Try a gel for extra standout effect.

As you get ready for the warmer months, remember that of all the beauty trends… the eyes will be your focal point even when your makeup melts in the park or on the beach. Invest in your eyes…

They work hard for you.