Anime Eyes: 3 Ways To Make Them Pop

Anime eyes are an anime-style design that makes the eye look larger and more anime-like. The anime style is typically characterized by thicker, more exaggerated features – including bigger eyes. They have a certain pop to them! This article will discuss 3 ways to make your anime eyes really stand out so you can take on the world with confidence.

1) First, start off with a white base coat before any other colors are applied.

2) Next, use two different shades of color for each eye because anime eyes are typically two-toned. For the top lid, use a light color and for the bottom lid, use a dark color. This will help give your anime eyes that signature pop. Be sure to blend the colors together well to avoid any harsh lines or streaks.

3) Finally, add some glitter or sparkles to finish it all off!

In conclusion, anime eyes can really make a statement, and with these three simple tips, you’ll be on your way to having anime eyes that pop!