What is a Walking Floor Trailer and How Does It Work?

Trucking is a crucial part of the economy, and it’s helped by innovations such as the walking floor trailer. This trailer uses a series of linked slats to help move cargo in and out of the container.

By utilizing hydraulic pumps, the slats push the cargo onto the trailer and off again at the destination. It can efficiently transport trash, compost, lumber, and bulk loads.

The walking floor trailer is an advancement over traditional trailers that typically involve a forklift or other heavy machinery. This substantially lowers transportation costs and helps to make goods more affordable in turn.

The trailer is seen mostly in the transportation of perishable products, such as fruits and vegetables. The perishable products load onto the trailer with ease and can ensure freshness during travel. Also, the trailer can safely handle multi-temperature cargo which makes it capable of carrying a variety of goods.

The walking floor trailer has a significant impact on meeting the needs of customers in today’s modern industry. It’s enabling transportation of goods with lesser impact on the environment. There’s no need for heavy equipment, and the faster loading and unloading times make it an asset to the logistics industry.

The walking floor trailer is an innovative solution that helps contribute to a more efficient transportation industry. The use of hydraulic pumps, slats, and linked chains offers a fast and reliable option to load and transport goods safely.