A Brief Review Of Fonelab

FoneLab, created by Aiseesoft, is an application that offers fast and reliable data recovery options for iOS devices which recover any lost or deleted media files, contacts, messages or other data in seconds. Our Fonelab review concludes that it is a useful application to have but it cannot be tested properly unless it is purchased since the trial option disables it’s main function.

The app has a well-designed, easy-to-navigate interface with its recovery features listed on the left through easy to understand icons. When purchased and registered prompts the user to connect an iOS device through a USB cable.

It offers three different recovery features: file recovery directly from an iOS device, from an iTunes backup or from an iCloud backup file. It enables the user to start scanning as soon the computer on which it is running is authorized and, once complete can recover any deleted files that it finds (unless it is a trial version in which case this is disabled).