Role Of Information Security Analyst

Technology has extended its roots in almost every sector of industry. Along with all the advancements it has brought to improve the development and functioning of an organisation, it is also associated with certain issues regarding technical troubles, cyber threats, risk of leakage or theft of information. Information security analyst is the professional who undergoes all the investigations and security checks related to software solutions, computers and other technological devices in the organisation. The demand and employment of security analysts has been projected to increase by 31% from 2019-2029.

These professionals are hired mainly by IT companies, security agencies, banks and financial companies. They are specially qualified in technological courses. They work on software applications, operational devices and integrated networks to interpret any risks to the security like hacking, cyber attack, data leakage etc. They innovate new measures by installing software like firewalls and data encryption programs to automate the security process of the organisation. They train the employees to distinguish between original and fake online content to check any hacking attempts via fake links.