What Is Third Eye Chakra Healing?

The third eye chakra is an energy center in the body that is responsible for imagination, thought, intuition and self-awareness according to ancient yogic philosophy. It is connected to the duality which exists between the physical world and the representation of that world in a person’s mind.

Third eye chakra healing involves opening, cleansing and balancing the this chakra to enable a realignment of the body, mind and spirit. This healing is achieved by employing practices such as meditation, color therapy, mindfulness, aromatherapy and sound healing, among others. Signs that a person’s third eye chakra is in need of healing can include the following:

• Lack of creative impulses and inspiration
• Ignoring intuition
• Becoming overly logical or emotional
• Becoming lost in one’s thoughts
• Daydreaming to avoid reality
• Becoming attached to special powers they believe they possess
• Addicted to material things or substances