What Is Ethically Made Clothing?

Fashion promises ever-changing trends while offering clothing at increasingly lower prices. This comes at a cost somewhere in the supply chain and it tends to be borne by third-world suppliers and the environment as clothing is increasingly shipped around the world to first world consumers.

Ethically made clothing is clothing made in such a way as to reduce or eliminate the negative impact of its production on people, animals and the environment. It involves keeping these considerations foremost in the design, production and materials that are used to make clothing and to ensure that the workers that produce it are paid a fair wage. It also takes into account the different materials that clothing can be made from and the impact of their production on the environment. It is a move away from ‘fast fashion’ which emphasizes discarding clothing items and buying new ones by depending on high-volumes, low cost production and low profit margins which have a negative impact on the people that produce this type of clothing.