Two Tips To Make Your High Waisted Shorts Look Amazing

High waisted shorts are currently a very popular trend. These bottoms can make your legs look like they go on forever. They are also perfect for highlighting a trim waist, and for showing off a bit of extra skin. To make them look truly amazing, you’ll want to pair them with a cropped top that reveals their signature cut. This will give you smooth, sleek lines, and an eye-catching silhouette. It is also a good idea to pair these shorts with attractive, flat sandals or a retro pair of chunky wedges. When you wear high-waisted shorts, you want to avoid socks, ankle boots and other footwear that diminish the leggy look that they create. It is also important for shoppers to make sure that they’ve got a good fit. While these products should contour the body at the mid-section, they should be long enough for comfortable, confident wear, and sufficiently flexible for accommodating a wide range of movements.