High Visibility Polo Shirt For Athletes

High Visibility Polo Shirt has now become a part of apparel for all the sportspersons who like to make a great sporting impression on their fans. There are several brands available in the market that offer high visibility polo shirts in both hi-vis and class 3. The first type is generally used by sportspersons, as it is relatively more comfortable as compared to the second type.

High Visibility Polo Shirt consists of two different kinds of materials. One is reflective polyester, while the other is made of high moisture resistant, breathable polyester. The reflective material on the shirts helps to deflect the sun rays towards the wearer and helps in avoiding unnecessary overheating. On the other hand, the breathable material helps in maintaining a constant temperature inside the shirt, preventing it from getting perspiration on the other parts. These shirts can also be termed as hi-visibility polo shirts as they are mostly worn in tennis and golf but are also equally popular in boxing and rugby as well.