3 Gym Bag Must-Haves In 2021

So it’s almost summer and your body is still stuck in the winter months…

Don’t worry. This year of all years – that is totally normal. With quarantine, vaccines, and a new normal a lot of us have laxed on the normal things to handle the not-so-normal.

As you return to a routine whether at the gym or at home, here are 3 musts to help you meet your fitness goals and look good doing it.

Cloth Resistance Bands

While they are a little more weighted, cloth bands don’t break – and they are perfect for lower body workouts without the fear of the “pop.”

Crossfit Gear

Crossfit keeps you all-around healthy and who doesn’t want that after such a long two years? From Crossfit shorts to cute crops, it’s also notorious for some really cute outfits (that work with your body too.) Think less “girl in a full face of makeup” gym looks… and more “cute girl at the gym who is actually here to workout.”

Energy Chews

Energy chews are a great alternative to energy drinks which can be hard on your stomach and leave you with more side effects than perks. Many of the leading electrolyte drink companies have come out with their own version in the last few years.

As your summer body comes in, remember, go at your own pace. You aren’t competing with anyone but you.