Hydrogen Peroxide Spray Cleaner

Many people are skeptical about hydrogen peroxide spray cleaner because they think that they only disinfect cuts. They don’t realize that hydrogen peroxide can also disinfect more than cuts. This inexpensive and widely available product is a trusted disinfectant, cleaning, and deodorizing solution. But what exactly does hydrogen-peroxide do? Read on to learn how this product can help you clean and disinfect your home. Here’s what you need to know.

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound that contains two hydrogen and two oxygen atoms. It’s a pale blue liquid that is non-toxic and doesn’t irritate the respiratory system. You can buy it in concentrations from three to 12 percent. A 3 percent solution is ideal for household cleaning. It’s also a great multipurpose product. Just be sure to follow the directions on the bottle.

Apart from cleaning surfaces, hydrogen peroxide can be used for disinfecting home items. You can spray it on a variety of household materials, including clothes, toys, and sickroom supplies.