Commercial Disinfectant Services Methods

Among the many services offered by the commercial disinfectant suppliers and providers include the use of air deodorizers that help to prevent the growth of airborne pathogenic organisms such as the influenza virus, the herpes virus, the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), and the Q fever virus among others. Ozone is also known as O3, is very effective against airborne microorganisms. These include viruses and bacteria, fungi, and other organic and inorganic particles. Since the ozone generator consists of UV light exposure in the process of generating ozone, there is no danger caused on the surfaces being cleaned.

The commercial disinfectant services also include sanitizing through the use of chemical sanitizers. This method of sanitizing uses strong synthetic chemicals to kill the microorganisms, causing the contamination of the different surfaces. These chemical sanitizers are usually in the form of solutions or liquids that can be applied directly to the surface being cleaned.