About Quantum Water Disinfection

Quantum Water Disinfection is an advanced technology for the total disinfection of water at its different stages. It is extensively used as a primary disinfecting system before the availability of clean water, filtration, and then finally as a beneficial substitute for water during consumption. The industries in which it has its greatest utility are drinking water, tap water, surface water, dairy industry, bottled water, breweries, meat industry, agriculture, urban areas lacking electricity supply, etc. This treatment process kills the pathogenic microorganisms that are resistant to other disinfectants and removes the sediments, minerals, and metals that are commonly present in water. This process is environmentally friendly and promotes the use of chemical-free water. It does not harm the aquatic organisms and thereby protects them from water-borne diseases.

The quantum disinfection system works effectively on almost all types of contaminants present in water.