When To Use A Toddler Tube?

A toddler tube is a thin plastic tube to feed a baby through its mouth or nose. Also called an eating or feeding tube, it helps supply foods and medicines into the stomach directly until the baby learns to swallow drinks and soft food materials. This feeding system is recommended for babies who have swallowing problems. Some of them face the risk of airway aspiration. This feeding technique is used only when the baby’s stomach and intestines are functioning normally.

It is important to know different types of tubes used for this purpose. It helps select the right tube based on the condition of your baby. Learn more about the risks, indications and contraindications. Know how long the baby can be fed through this system and how long the tube can be used during one feeding session. This feeding system is recommended when the baby is not gaining weight or has not developed normal suckling reflex as yet. There are some other problems as well where this tube is recommended to feed the baby.