What You Need To Know: Small Grants For Young Carers

Small grants for young carers are small sums of money that can go a long way. The small grant will help cover the cost for things like a new set of clothes, groceries, or paying off an electricity bill, so you don’t get cut off. For some people, small grants are the only thing keeping them afloat!

This article will list 3 main points – what small grants are, who they’re offered to and how they work.

What are small grants?

Small grants are small sums of money offered to people in need. The small grant is used for food, clothes, or paying an electricity bill when someone doesn’t have the funds to cover it themselves. They can be a lifeline and make all the difference between living comfortably or barely scraping by with what little you do have leftover after paying bills.

Who are small grants offered to?

Small grants are available for people of all ages. They’re not limited to just one group in society – carers can apply for small grants too! Carers often take on a lot of responsibility without the financial support that others have. For example: looking after their younger siblings while their parents are at work, tending to the home and cooking meals for their family, or providing care when sick.

How do they work?

Carers’ small grants can help cover expenses that aren’t covered by other means like assistance from Centrelink or a pensioner’s allowance. They may be able to pay bills on time, so they don’t incur late fees, they can purchase small items for the home, or even just to buy themselves and their family a nice meal out.

The Australian Carers Association (ACA) has an extensive list of small grants on offer. They’re available from state governments in every state and territory across Australia and some local councils who also provide financial support.