The Important Role Of An Eating Tube

An Eating Tube is a medical device inserted into the stomach and small intestine to provide nutrition and fluids. Eating tubes are often used by those who have difficulty eating or swallowing food by themselves due to disabilities, illnesses, or age. Though they may be small, these devices play an integral part in the lives of many people. They have a long history of use in hospitals and nursing homes as well as at home for patients who are not able to eat on their own or with other methods such as feeding by mouth.
Eating tube insertion is an invasive procedure, so it should only be done if a person cannot get adequate nutrition through other means.
The following article will discuss three reasons why you might need an eating tube:

1) They help prevent fluid overload from excess oral intake of fluids;
2) They may provide access to food when someone cannot swallow safely;
3) They allow people with certain diseases like esophagus cancer to eat during their treatment.

Consult a doctor if you think you or a loved one should need an Eating tube.