Japanese Garden Fine Art is a Japanese art form that has been around for hundreds of years. It takes many forms, but one of the most popular types is “Ikebana”, which translates to “living flowers.” Ikebana styles are often simple and subdued, with plants arranged in vases or on stands.Continue Reading

Street Art Prints has been a hub for street art since the seventies when street art started with simple stencils and bold tagging on the city streets. Then during the eighties, there came about “Subway art,” which transformed the whole city into a canvas of colorful creations. Amazing works ofContinue Reading

Traditional African Art dates back to the beginnings of human existence and has been crafted by African artisans for centuries. The exquisite handiwork of the indigenous African people results from their long history of association with the Earth, Mother Nature, and Spirit in their pursuit of perfection in craftsmanship. TheContinue Reading

The popularity of canvas art prints has increased manifold over the past few years. Many individuals and organizations such as art collectors associations have begun to buy these prints from online canvas print merchants at reasonable prices to preserve and present their favorite artwork for future generations. It is, therefore,Continue Reading

Male life drawing refers to creating representations of the male human body by an artist using any of the range of drawing media; it often refers to the fact of producing a drawing of a male nude figure. How the body is represented can range from detailed, anatomically correct renderingsContinue Reading

If you’re a beginner crafter or would like a simple project to do with your kids, try one of the more accessible DIY wall art design ideas such as the abstract or the painted ink. Looking for grown-up DIY wall art for your home? This list has plenty of funContinue Reading

When you create a YouTube channel the first thing that a user will see is your YouTube banner. The last thing you want is for this to be a boring default so you’ll want to create a stunning channel art banner design to differentiate yourself from all the other channelsContinue Reading

Street Art Prints is a revolutionary new way to purchase uniquely designed, hand-curated, hand-bound limited edition prints that enable you to tell a personalized story that’s uniquely yours. While many artists have produced intrigue and political debate around street art using an often-reluctantly Interpreted stance, street art has been aroundContinue Reading

Millennial has been recently studied to have the most interest in art as compared to the previous generations. Social media has accelerated this recent enthusiasm for art. Most millennials know a thing or two about dance, and almost all of them claim that they appreciate millenial art. Millennials are indeedContinue Reading