How To Use Jeunesse Instantly Ageless

Jeunesse instantly ageless is a micro cream that is very powerful and has anti-wrinkle properties. The micro cream has been developed using the utmost technology for it to work quickly and most effectively on any signs of ageing visible on the skin to diminish them. After it has worked, it leaves the skin revived with a finish that is flawless by helping minimise the pores appearance as well as fine lines.

How to use

On pores around the face

You only need to pat the cream on the affected areas sparingly.

Eyebrow application

Ensure you apply just above the line of your natural brow.

Wrinkles on the forehead

Here it would help if you dabbed the cream lightly on the whole forehead and not only on the areas affected by the wrinkles.

Crow’s feet and under-eye bags

Ensure you dab the cream lightly, on the whole, are that is under the eye.

Hooded eyes

Eliminate application on the movable eyelids. Just apply below you natural eyebrow.