The Use Of A Hospital Swaddle

Swaddling is an old technique to promote healthy attachment, decrease cognitive impairment, reduce hospitalization, improve psychosocial development, reduce pain, and improve coping skills of infants and neonates. A hospital swaddle has various features that make it an essential item for an infant. The free arm feature allows the infant to move the arms freely. The cotton swaddle is comfortable to wear and keeps the baby warm without overheating.

The zipper system makes it easy to access the ankles, feet and diaper. The vital signs can be checked through the slits in the middle of the swaddle. The slits are helpful in draining and using medical devices. The stretchy fabric encourages some motion and allows hip mobility. A variety of swaddles in different styles, designs, colors and color combinations are available for hospital and home use. Infants remain calm and avoid startle reflex in this baby insert.