The Best Opel GT Mods To Make Your Classic A Modern Custom

If you have an Opel GT, you may be ready to add a few custom modifications. Therefore, you want to know what the best GT mods are to give your car a more modern, custom look. The following Opel GT mods are some of the best options that you will want to consider for your car:

Updating the Lights

The easiest mods are replacing the factory headlights. Rather than just installing new bulbs, you may want to replace the entire headlight and taillight housings. The new modern housings can feature LED accents for a unique look when you use your lights.

Installing a New Front Grille

The front grille is one of the easiest areas to add customization to an opel gt. Thus, mods for the front-end of these cars are a popular choice. Some of the front-end mods for Opel GT models include deleting the bumper and installing ground effects with a front spoiler.

Opel GT Rear-end Mods for Custom Projects

There are also several custom modifications to consider for the rear-end of your car. The most common of which is a spoiler. In addition to the spoiler, you may also want to remove the bumper and replace it with a modern body kit and roll pan.

These are some of the best Opel GT mods that you will want to consider for your car’s custom mods. Contact an Opel GT service to get the materials you need to add these custom features to your car.