The Types, Examples And Benefits Of Anti-corruption Training

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption course familiarizes employees with the laws that criminalize bribery and corruption and help employees recognize and reduce associated risks. Forms of training are e-learning courses, traditional on-site training, internal communications, and electronic and policy sayings. Please find out about Anti-Corruption Training Malaysia.

Examples of corruption are embezzlement, theft and fraud, graft, extortion and blackmail, and influence peddling. The advantages of training are an educated workforce, compliance with anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws, and creates a culture of integrity. Tips for making the best anti-corruption laws are understanding your risks, implementing effective policies and procedures, ensuring the compliance function has independent authority, training and communicating, monitoring your program and partners, and enforce and improve.

To conclude, talk to an HR professional and find out how this training can help your business and employees. The benefits of training are amazing.